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We are looking for a Calculation Seismic Engineer for a nuclear project.

Détails du poste

The Piping and Structural Integrity Group in the Nuclear Entity of the client is in charge of the engineering and design of mechanical structure and components including seismic design in the field of the nuclear power plants and industries.
The Piping and Structural Integrity Group is in charge of the following disciplines:
• Structural analysis and design specific to Nuclear Power Plants within the framework of new build, plant operation support and upgrade of existing nuclear installations for the Long-Term Operation
• Fracture Mechanics studies
• Ageing of structures and components
• Analysis and / or design of component (such as pump, valves, supporting structures, …)
• Piping calculation of existing or new structures including the supports
• Design and calculation of anchorages
• Seismic analysis of structures and components
• Walkdown screening and seismic evaluation (SQUG)
• Seismic margin assessment of existing structures and components (SMA, SPSA)
• Seismic qualification of active components
In charge of the design and calculations of nuclear related structures submitted to earthquake
• Perform structural analyses using FEM codes
• Participate actively in the dynamic analysis of nuclear structures and components to earthquake
• Perform screening walkdowns in the NPPs of Doel and Tihange, HCLPF capacity calculations, and simplified or detailed seismic fragility analyses for structures and components
• Work in a team of about thirty engineers, in close interaction with Senior Engineers


Mechanical or Structural-Civil Engineer with several years of experience in structural analysis and design
Familiar with international codes and standards (Eurocodes as well as American Standards such as ASME, ASCE, AISC, ACI, USNRC (SRP and RG), etc.)
Able to predict the response of structures under static and dynamic loading
With experience in general purpose Finite Element and structural codes (such as ANSYS) for static loads or dynamic loads, in case of linear or non-linear analysis
With background in seismic assessment of structures and components (seismic Category I and other) is required
With experience in seismic margin assessment (SMA and/or SPSA)
Knowledge of nuclear domain and safety is considered as an asset
Able to communicate in English. Dutch and French are a plus.

Pays : Belgique

Localisation du poste : Bruxelles

Date de démarrage : ASAP

Salaire : To be discussed


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