Improving our health

Atyx has positioned itself as a partner of choice to support major projects in the health and food sectors, which are more important than ever in our society.

Our areas of excellence

  • Pharmaceutical industry


  • Hospitals and health centres

  • Food and animal feed

Improving our health

Examples of projects

Discover some of the major projects we have been working on.

  • Health, a modernisation project

    Hôpital Antonio Lorena

    Improving access to health care in emerging countries also requires the renovation of hospital infrastructure, which does not always meet current health standards or regulations. This is the case in Peru, where the Antonio Lorena Hospital, the oldest public health centre in the Cuzco region, is currently undergoing renovation. More than 1,000 km away, in Lima, another major programme aims to improve and expand health services at the Sergio Bernales National Hospital. Built in 1970, the centre needs new infrastructure that is safer and more resistant to earthquakes, along with more modern healthcare facilities. This is a major challenge for this establishment, which serves more than 900,000 residents of northern Lima. For these two renovation programmes, providing assistance to the contracting authority during the study and works phases, Atyx experts are active in various areas: project management (PMO), finance, project control, quality and risk management.