Preserving our environment

Waste water treatment, waste processing and pollution remediation are major challenges for public health and environmental protection.


Our areas of excellence

  • Water treatment

    Major water treatment projects (urban water, drinking water, waste water), seawater desalination projects (reverse osmosis), sludge treatment and industrial effluent treatment.

  • Waste processing

    Waste processing projects: landfills, household waste incineration units, energy recovery units, etc.

  • Soil pollution remediation

    Projects for the conversion and remediation of polluted sites and soils.

Preserving our environment

Examples of projects

Discover some major projects we have worked on.

  • Forward-looking renovation

    Arianeo aims to become the most modern green energy production and sorting centre for selective collection in Europe. The company, which recovers waste from the Nice metropolitan area in the Alpes-Maritimes, has just embarked on a vast renovation project to achieve this goal.

    As part of the revamping work, this industrial site will be completely remodelled, with the addition of a sorting and sludge treatment centre.

    Equipped with the best technologies, Arianeo will be able to increase its capacity to produce green energy from waste, while meeting the highest environmental standards.

    The Atyx teams are supporting this industrial transformation project by providing technical assistance to the Delegated Project Owner (MOD). In the field of civil engineering, its experts are carrying out site surveys and preparation for the works.

  • Access to water, a technical challenge on a global scale

    While water is a shared asset, it is also a scarce natural resource on Earth. Desalination techniques make it possible to meet the needs of populations by transforming seawater into drinking water.

    Throughout the world, Atyx teams support seawater desalination projects, with the aim of further improving the energy consumption and environmental footprint of the production units.

    This is the case on the Burrup Peninsula in Australia, where Atyx experts provided technical assistance on a project to install two 120-ton pre-assembled units. These each have the capacity to produce 1,500 m3 of distilled water a day, by evaporation.

    Armed with this technical expertise, Atyx has also been involved in a mechanical compression desalination project in Chile and the renovation of three units at the Zouk plant in Lebanon. Atyx also maintains and supplies spare parts for 20 mobile units for the French Army.


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