Eddine, Mechanical assembly supervisor – Algeria

Eddine, Mechanical assembly supervisor - Algeria

The objective of the Cement plant project in the town of Chlef in Algeria is to construct a 3rd line with a capacity of 6000 tonnes per day.

I am the mechanical assembly supervisor there: I supervise preassembly, assembly and welding works on the metal structures, boilerworks and mechanical equipment.

I have over two years experience with Atyx and I must say that integration into projects is an easy and very fast process.

In fact, from the moment of the recruitment interviews, I found that Atyx paid special attention to its workers and treated them with great professionalism. I feel that ATYX is a company with a human scale and there is a real team spirit in it.

The company management is accessible, available and ready to listen to their workers, which gives this group an edge. For example, I had some problems with my bank and to my great surprise the ATYX group responded quickly and was there to help me solve my problems.

I am delighted to be continuing to work with Atyx and to do so for future projects.

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