List of experiences

List of experiences

In the field, they tell us about their experience.

Optimising our living spaces

Business Manager

ATYX offered me a project to intervene in a consultation in Agro-cereals in the Reims region.

Shaping our mobility

Mechanical assembly supervisor - Algeria

“I am delighted to be continuing to work with Atyx and to do so for future projects.”

Senior Engineer for mobile equipment maintenance - New Caledonia

“I find that the Atyx team is very closely involved in the recruitment and monitoring of its workers. They have supported me since leaving Morocco through to settling in New Caledonia with my family.”

Logistical Procurement Project Consultant - Paris

“The team at Atyx was always contactable and ready to listen. Special appraisals were held with the Manager at Atyx so that updates could be provided on new client expectations.”

Maintenance manager - France

“The person assigned to monitor me in Atyx contributed greatly to the success of this project; she was always available and ready to listen and she helped with my integration when I took up the post.”

Deputy site manager in Albania

Atyx brings “strong added value in terms of structuring and steering planning, for both the project and the site, the implementation and improvement of the management dashboards”.

Piping Supervisor - France

ATYX knows how to establish close proximity with its employees.

The follow-up, the tools made available, as well as the quality of the exchanges allowed me to work with confidence throughout my mission.

Preserving our environment

Photovoltaic Project Director - West Africa

“The project that Atyx allocated to me was bidding for contracts for two photovoltaic farms in West Africa and heading up the construction of the projects.”

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