Matthieu, Maintenance manager – France

Matthieu, Maintenance manager - France

The project assigned to me by Atyx consisted in running maintenance operations for a specific region in the capacity of maintenance manager. My responsibilities covered all industrial and medical gas matters and the operation of the cryogenic storage areas (very low temperature gas in liquid form).

My position involved carrying out maintenance on client installations and planning annual maintenance operations at client sites for a very diverse range of activities such as the metalworking industry, automobile production and even laboratories producing vaccines and other medications. There were also activities in hospital environments that involved maintaining the entire distribution system for medical gases.

All of these operations required a great deal of upstream preparatory work, as the right subcontractor had to be found for each operation, preventative plans had to be drawn up and the necessary equipment had to be ordered and its availability ensured for the maintenance operations. Another challenge was handling emergency situations, as maintenance work has its share of nasty surprises, and being able to react and quickly deal with breakdowns was an interesting challenge. A company which suddenly stops producing is a very bad thing, both for the client and for the image of the company supplying the equipment.

Atyx has given me the opportunity to refine my knowledge in a domain which few people are familiar with and to improve my skills in organising schedules in a context where there is a large number of clients. It therefore required a great deal of precision, forward-thinking and eagerness to learn and develop my independence as quickly as possible in the post.

The person assigned to monitor me in Atyx contributed greatly to the success of this project; she was always available and ready to listen and she helped with my integration when I took up the post.

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