Iscar, Logistical Procurement Project Consultant – Paris

Iscar, Logistical Procurement Project Consultant - Paris

I worked as a Logistical Procurement Project Consultant on water treatment plants in an international context. I worked on projects in France that were to be delivered to various countries. Different countries were involved in the project, for example:

Divers pays entraient dans le périmètre du projet, pour citer quelques exemples :

  • South America: Chile, Venezuela, Brazil
  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt
  • Asia: China, South Korea, Indonesia

The duties in my role were split into two main areas:

Logistical procurement:

  • Preparing logistical plans to optimise budgets and deadlines with the client
  • Preparing a pre-sale analysis of logistical and transport costs.

Operational duties:

  • Monitoring projects and transport tenders for client sites
  • Meeting project requirements to supply raw materials and equipment

The human and technical aspect

My experience with Atyx has allowed me to understand the client’s needs and the requirements of the position very quickly. The profile they were seeking was an independent person with a great capacity for initiative, who respected the quality of client deliverables.

Full integration

The team at Atyx was always contactable and ready to listen. Special appraisals were held with the Manager at Atyx so that updates could be provided on new client expectations.

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