Zouhair, Senior Engineer for mobile equipment maintenance – New Caledonia

Zouhair, Senior Engineer for mobile equipment maintenance - New Caledonia

The company Koniambo Nickel SAS, based in northern New Caledonia, operates a world-class industrial complex which, once it reaches full production capacity, will make New Caledonia one of the main nickel producers in the world. Thanks to a nickel deposit of exceptional quality, Koniambo Nickel will carry out long-term, low-cost operations in the context of a sustainable development policy with very high standards. This complex, which is the result of a shared history with New Caledonia, is a real driver and implementer of economic and social development in the country.

Since September 2018 I have worked in the nickel extraction project in the mine operated by Koniambo Nickel SAS, which belongs to the Glencore group. This project is located in the north of New Caledonia.

My role is Consultant/Senior Engineer for mobile equipment maintenance. This involves helping clients to improve the global strategy of MARC (Maintenance And Repair Contract) maintenance for an evolving stock of 65 installations in order to reach a real and contractual availability objective of 87.5%. My role also involves the introduction and setting-up of contracts for a predictive maintenance strategy for current contracts.

I have always worked for large international groups and working for an engineering consulting firm is totally new for me. I find that the Atyx team is very closely involved in the recruitment and monitoring of its workers. They have supported me since leaving Morocco through to settling in New Caledonia with my family. I have integrated quite naturally, both with Atyx and with the client. I have very quickly found my bearings and rapidly adapted to the local culture.

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